We offer for sale the following types of wire:

  • spooled bookbinding zinc-plated or copper-plated wire:
    2-, 3-, 15- and 90 kg;
  • boxstay wire, measuring:
    - 2,23 x 0,93 mm;
    - 2,5 x 0,68 mm;
    - 2,5 x 0,60 mm;
    - 2,5 x 0,5 mm -
    covered with brass (stanox) or zinc, spooled:
    - 25 lbs (approx. 11 kg);
    - lub BP 50 (approx. 45 kg);


Wire for production of:
  • industrial and office staples - zinc-plated, of normal and increased strength;
  • bicycle spokes;
  • laundry racks;
  • fences;
  • nails.
Wires made of non-ferrous metals:
  • brass wires - for a wide range of uses and of various parameters, in particular for use in electro-erosion machines;
  • copper wires;
  • wires made of other non-ferrous metals.

In addition, we offer:
    - service tin plating and nickel plating of wires made of any metal;
    - machines for production of springs and the instrumentation.

We also offer for sale the following: glued multiwire staple band for     production of different-colored staples, steel fibres and other special wires.